Our collection of acrylic signs are designed to add a sophisticated finishing touch to your home's exterior, with a huge range of customisable features. At House Signs UK we manufacture all of our modern acrylic house signs in our Gloucestershire studio, with express delivery available for new home movers! 

Why choose an acrylic house sign?


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The Advantages of Acrylic House Signs

Acrylic house signs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, due to the material's unique ability to stand up to the British weather. Your sign will maintain its modern and clean aesthetic, no matter what the elements throw at it. We're so confident, that we offer a 10 year guarantee! Our acrylic signs are light weight and extremely durable, providing homeowners with little to no upkeep. The modern aesthetic provides a high end feel at an affordable price, while being highly customisable and easy to install.

Whether you want to add a pop of colour to match your front door, or modernise your house's exterior with a matt or metallic house number, we have a huge range to suit any home or building. Our acrylic door signs won't fade with rain or sun and are designed to be timeless with a modern aesthetic. 

Design Your Own Acrylic House Number

We already offer a huge range of pre designed acrylic house signs, using our experience as high end trophy designers at Gaudio. But if you're looking for something even more unique, our personalised house signs can be fully customised to match the interior or exterior of your home. Our design your own house sign feature, allows you to customise every feature of a huge range of our acrylic house numbers. From size, font, font colour, fixing type and colour, back ground colour and even add a unique wall effect, so your acrylic house sign matches or stands out from your current brickwork. 

Can't find a sign to suit your home or property? Get in touch with the House Sign UK team and let's create something bespoke!