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Welcome to House Sign UK! We design and manufacture house signs that can be completely customised by you. 

Colour plays an important role in our day-to-day lives, especially in the ways we choose to decorate our homes. The choices we make are what make our homes our own. This guide is designed to explain the range of colours and textures we offer at House Sign UK, so your sign can suit your style in every way. 

We use acrylic for two main reasons:

  1. The weather-proof and hard-wearing properties
  2. Dynamic colours and versatile textures 

Our carefully chosen selection of high-quality acrylics mean House Sign UK can offer customisation at a level unavailable anywhere else. If you're still not sure what colours would be best for your sign, you can order samples here


When you create a house sign on the House Sign UK website, you'll see a render of your sign. The render is not a photograph of your house sign. It's a computer generated image. This guide provides a closer look at the acrylic we offer.

While we endeavour to make our renders and photographs as accurate as possible across our website, we cannot account for variations in screen settings. The colour of your final product may vary to the ones shown on the website. 



Gloss acrylic has a smooth finish with a glossy shine. It's smooth to the touch and slightly reflective. When held up to direct sunlight, some gloss acrylics can appear slightly translucent. 

Gloss acrylic is available in in the following colours:

Green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, white, light grey, dark grey and black. 

House Sign UK Gloss Acrylic Samples


Matte Pastel

The matte pastel acrylic range is available in four shades with a smooth satin finish. They aren't as reflective as the gloss acrylic. Pastel acrylics can transform any house sign with a bright pop of colour for a fresh, contemporary sign. 

Pastel acrylic is available in peach, pink, blue and green. 

House Sign UK Pastel Acrylic Samples

Gold, Silver and Sparkle

For a little extra sparkle, our range of gold, silver and sparkle acrylics are the perfect solution. Each has the same smooth finish as our gloss acrylic. 

Gold and silver mirror acrylic reflects like a mirror; you can clearly see shapes and figures in the reflection. We'd recommend using mirror acrylic as a back layer. 

Gold and silver standard acrylic has a matte appearance, but doesn't have the matte finish.

Sparkle silver acrylic is a dark grey acrylic with additional sparkling flecks. It's smooth like gloss acrylic and slightly reflective. 

Sparkling, gold, silver and mirrored acrylic house sign samples

Matte Naturals

The matte naturals acrylic range sees earthy tones with the same smooth, satin finish as the pastel acrylics. These acrylics are not reflective and are available in five neutral tones; black, dark grey, light grey, sand and brown. 

If you're looking for a natural stone effect without the cost, the matte natural acrylics may be for you. 

Five matte natural acrylic samples in dark grey, light grey, black, brown and sand


We offer three translucent acrylic options for the back of your sign. Translucent acrylic isn't available for the front of your house sign because all our signs are laser-cut, and a clear front wouldn't clearly show the number or text on the sign. 

Translucent acrylic is available in jade, clear, blue frost and white frost. Clear acrylic closely resembles standard clear glass, and jade acrylic has a slightly green tint. 


Wood Effect

Our wood effect acrylic range is available in seven designs; light oak, walnut, mahogany, light grey oak, dark grey oak, smoked oak, and charred wood. They resemble soft, natural materials, but are not real wood. 

Light oak, walnut, mahogany, light grey oak, and dark grey oak have a smooth, satin finish with a matte appearance. 

Smoked oak and charred wood have a more obvious texture, with a wood grain effect that is slightly raised. 

Wood acrylic samples


Brushed Effect

Our brushed effect acrylic is available in silver and black. The brushed effect has a visible grain and looks like brushed metal. The texture of these acrylics is a very fine grain. 


Brushed black, brown and silver acrylic samples

Marble Effect

We offer white or black marble effect acrylic. Both have a matte finish and a smooth texture. 

Black and white marble acrylic samples


Gold Effect

Matte gold acrylic has a satin, matte finish, similar to the wood grain. It's a muted medium gold shade with a soft metallic-effect finish. 

Gold leaf and gold effect acrylic house sign samples 


Our last few acrylics make for a unique house sign. With an array of textures and finishes, these last few textures are a great option for anyone looking for a stand-out sign. 

Black and silver carbon fibre acrylic samples

Our carbon fibre acrylics come in silver and black. Both have slight shade variation across the design, and the texture is smooth.

Metallic leather and material weave acrylic house sign samples

Material weave acrylic is one of our most tactile, with a raised weave effect. The light and dark grey weave has blue-brown undertones. 

Metallic leather acrylic looks just like leather, with a raised texture. It's a predominately brown colour, with slightly metallic silver-bronze highlights. 

Any Questions? 

If you've got any questions about this colour guide, please email, or call 01242 232 889.